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Saturday Dances

Choreographer Paasonen, Tomi
First Performance 13.10.2016
Place of First Performance Valvesali, Cultural Centre Valve, Oulu
Finnish premiere 13.10.2016
Place of Premiere Valvesali, Cultural Centre Valve, Oulu
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 50
Costume designer Tomi Paasonen
Lighting Designer Tomi Paasonen
Sound designer Anssi Laiho
Performers of the premiere Heli Pippingsköld, Salla-Maria Santos
Description Choreographer Tomi Paasonen’s piece "Saturday dances” is a personal yet universal piece which is dedicated to his father, sea captain Pauli Paasonen. The piece moves like a mental landscape that attempts to capture the spirit, memory and character of this world traveler.

The work also deals with the border of life and death as a physical event. Breath, wind, childhood memories and ocean currents are used both as inspiration for the physical expressions and as metaphors for the otherworldliness of a mind transitioning from here to the beyond. Both by intertwining and contrasting emotion with physicality, the choreography gives form to important themes in terms of human life, such as the inevitability of death and its significance as part of a full life. Is the human condition site-specific or does the illusion of it simply amplify our separateness, although all our lives and deaths consist of similar elements, with all their joys and sorrows? The work is steeped in the human yearning for melancholy, body’s states of anxiety facing the unknown and the release of the transition into afterlife. Pauli Paasonen’s total lack of musical ear, combined with his love for boisterous singing, gives the work a gentle, tolerant and loving shade.

This piece is a farewell bow to the end and continuum life-cycles.
Other Information Director: Tomi Paasonen
Dancers Pippingsköld, Heli (2016)
Santos, Salla-Maria (2016)