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The Lightness and Death of Giselle

Choreographer Mustonen, Anna
Karvonen, Anna-Mari
First Performance 30.10.2010
Place of First Performance Zodiak - Centre for New Dance, Helsinki
Finnish premiere 30.10.2010
Place of Premiere Zodiak - Centre for New Dance, Helsinki
Style Contemporary Dance
Scenography Hanna Käyhkö
Costume designer Laura Käyhkö
Sound designer Heidi Lind
Performers of the premiere Ville Ahonen, Robert Brotherus, Outi Condit, Vida Hulkko, Saku Koistinen, Masi Tiitta, Miikka Tuominen, Saara Töyrylä
Description An absolute wasteland of romance
1. Act: Out of the blue Giselle is confronted with the harsh truth about her beloved Albert. Giselle's heart cannot bear the pain and she drops dead then and there.
2. Act: At midnight the spirits of women, who have died because of love gone bad, rise up from their graves to haunt men. At dawn the spirits are pulled back into their damp graves.

Und er libet is using the ballet Giselle as material for their new piece, in which the romantic ballet imagery is collided with trash-aesthetics and the lightness of performing. In Giselle's story the group is interested in the transformation from a whimsical girl to a dead body and back to a fuming spirit rising from the earth.
Other Information The Lightness and Death of Giselle follows the piece Randomly seeking Giselle, which was premiered at the Reality Research Center in October 2009.
Production: Zodiak -- Center for New Dance, Moving in November festival, Und er libet
Dancers Töyrylä, Saara (2010)
Ahonen, Ville (2010)
Koistinen, Saku (2010)
Tiitta, Masi (2010)
Tuominen, Miikka (2010)