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Choreographer Pajala-Assefa, Hanna
First Performance 4.9.2015
Place of First Performance Vuotalo, Helsinki
Finnish premiere 4.9.2016
Place of Premiere Vuotalo, Helsinki
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 40
Costume designer Liisa Pesonen
Lighting Designer Petri Tuhkanen
Sound designer Aki Päivärinne, Abissa Assefa
Performers of the premiere Hanna Pajala-Assefa, Karolina Ginman
Other performers: Aki Päivärinne, Abdissa Assefa, Petri Tuhkanen
Description Excerpts is a contemporary dance and soud-art performance where an instrument is created out of the vodies of two dancers and the space tey are moving in. Thisperformance was created by a group of artists working interdisciplinary researching new technolgy, music and dance.

Investigatin sensor technolgy and developing it furher they created a Sounding Motion - method and prctice. SoMo - method focuses on highlighting the body awareness essential in dance. In Excerpts the entire soudscape and music is created out of the movement of the dancers and gives the viewer and audible stream to read and merge kineteically into the dascinating art of dance.
Other Information Development of sensor technology: Liisa Pesonen, Aki Päivärinne
Dancers Pajala-Assefa, Hanna (2015)
Ginman, Karolina (2015)