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Ice Love Clod

Choreographer Kumpuniemi, Anniina
First Performance 30.8.2015
Place of First Performance Liikelaituri, Tampere
Finnish premiere 30.8.2015
Place of Premiere Liikelaituri, Tampere
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 45
Scenography Anniina Kumpuniemi, Katja Muttilainen
Costume designer Maire Vaittinen, työryhmä
Lighting Designer Katja Muttilainen
Sound designer Teemu Kiiskilä
Performers of the premiere Katriina Kantola, Antti Seppänen
Music composed for the work Teemu Kiiskilä
Description Ice Love is a duet for a man and a woman. It continues the movement and the theme research of love and the vast range of emotions every relationship carries witin. The duet is aresearch about how our inner scenery or wilderness is full of feelings that change from one moment to the other like the wind.

In Ice Love choreographer wants to dig into theme by using the everyday context but driving it more to the edge, towards the inner fear of loosing your belowed ones and of the emotional dependence that we feel but many times don't want to openly show. The tension of feeling strong emotions that lie under the surface in the moments we share, and how this creates a strong atmosphere between the dancers moving or notmoving, is the main focus. The choreography will consist of moments of movement bursts and momets of dancers having intentions of doing something or decisions of not doing anything.

As an inspiration I have used Marguerite Duras' novel Agatha and especially the parantheses she has written in between the dialogue. How the descriptions of the actions the characters do or decide not to do in between the dialogue show their hidden emotional movements. (Kumpuniemi)
Dancers Kantola, Katriina (2015)
Seppänen, Antti (2015)