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Observations Of The Earth

Choreographer Lampinen, Mikko
First Performance 6.4.2015
Place of First Performance Pori Theatre, Pori
Finnish premiere 6.4.2015
Place of Premiere Pori Theatre, Pori
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 40
Costume designer Maria Hämäläinen
Performers of the premiere Auri Ahola, Riikka Tankka, Mikko Lampinen, Riku Lehtopolku, Anastasia Trizna
Description Observations of the Earth by choreographer Mikko Lampinen is a work that takes one to an enigmatic and audio-visuals rich journey that sweeps through many issues relating the state of the environment and takes prejudices by the neck.
Other Information Actress: Anastasia Trizna
Visuals: Sensus Pool Project / Mikko Lampinen
The peace was performed in Tanssikuu Dance Festival in an evening of two works. The other peace was ARK by Riku Lehtopolku.
Dancers Tankka, Meri (2015)
Koskinen, Anni (2015)
Lampinen, Mikko (2015)
Lehtopolku, Riku (2015)