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In period of time

2nd Nature

Choreographer Paasonen, Tomi
First Performance 28.8.2014
Place of First Performance Sotku stage, Kuopio
Finnish premiere 28.8.2014
Place of Premiere Sotku stage, Kuopio
Duration (min) 80
Lighting Designer Sam Siltavuori
Performers of the premiere Maija Karhunen, Ville Nylén, Salla-Maria Santos
Description The piece is rooted in our daily habits we no longer notice, as our man-made artificial ecosystems of over-abundance have become a foregone conclusion. Through the form of a nature documentary, the piece studies the symptoms on our species and our complex co-dependant relationship to nature and machines.
Dancers Santos, Salla-Maria
Karhunen, Maija
Nylén, Ville