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Choreographer Tuomisto, Satu
First Performance 14.3.2014
Place of First Performance Pikisali Oulu City Theatre, Oulu
Finnish premiere 14.3.2014
Place of Premiere Pikisali Oulu City Theatre, Oulu
Style Contemporary Dance
Lighting Designer Ville Aunola / Mia Kivinen
Performers of the premiere Jarkko Lehmus, Heli Pippingsköld, Salla-Maria Santos
Music composed for the work Otso Lähdeoja
Description Riisuttuna (Bare) is a hybrid of contemporary dance and contemporary music.
The performers don’t beat around the bushes but immediately dive in head first, strip roles and behaviour expectations and clothes and reveal the bare person underneath, undressed from all the limitations set by the society that we unnecessarily hold on to.
Companies Satu Tuomisto +Comp
Dancers Lehmus, Jarkko
Pippingsköld, Heli
Santos, Salla-Maria