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Maan puolustus

Choreographer Taimisto, Heli
First Performance 17.4.1999
Place of First Performance NUKU, Oulu
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 35
Costume designer Irene Kokkonen
Lighting Designer Pekka Pesonen
Sound designer Kari Södö
Music composed for the work Kari Södö
Description Maan puolustus ("Earth's defence") is a solo work built into a theatre space, where movement, sound and words work as equal elements.

The work defines flirtation - joy of life that starts in the body - and maintaining and restricting it. Also the need and means of protecting life is a starting point. The entity is built together with the text by Juha K. Tapio. In the text air, fire and water are trialing against earth.

Earth is being accused of the greed that it has been doing for millions of years. The dispute between the elements is solved by a fifth element, the infinite space.
Other Information Text: Juha K. Tapio (adaptation Heli Taimisto)
Hair and makeup: Ritva Tanninen
Equipment: Heli Taimisto
Protector: Anneli Leikas

JoJo - Oulu Dance Center has produced the piece.
Dancers Taimisto, Heli