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Choreographer Tuomisto, Satu
First Performance 20.9.2012
Place of First Performance Oulu City Theatre, small stage
Finnish premiere 20.9.2012
Place of Premiere Oulu City Theatre, small stage
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 55
Lighting Designer Mika Ryynänen
Sound designer Lauri Tuohimaa
Performers of the premiere Elena Ruuskanen, Sofia Pintzou, Fornier Ortiz, Teemu Korjuslommi
Video https://vimeo.com/47091934
Description Vimmaa is a contemporary dance thunderstorm, where dancers try to avoid getting hit by the movement lightning or being drenched by the emotion rain. The choreography is a precise and sweaty mix of motion, emotion, rhythm and character that reflects on what we see, feel, read, say and are in life for each other. Vimmaa mixes movement, explores emotions and piles up meanings.
Other Information Producer: Leena Erähalme
Production: JoJo – Oulu Dance Centre, Oulu City Theatre, Satu Tuomisto +Comp

On Tour:
Springdance Festival, Utrecht, Holland, 23.4.2012
638 Kilo Tanz Festival, Essen, Germany, 19.10.2012
Yokohama Dance Collection Ex, Yokohama, Japan, 3.2.2013
Seoul, South-Korea, 27.-28.2.2013

Vimmaa (Frenzy) won the first prize at 638 Kilo festival in Germany, on October 2012.
Companies JoJo - Oulu Dance Center
Satu Tuomisto +Comp
Dancers Korjuslommi, Teemu (2012)
Pintzou, Sofia (2012)
Virtanen, Milla (2012)
Ortiz, Fornier (2012)
Ruuskanen, Elena (2012)