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...that was all I wanted, so I stuck my finger in his eye...

Choreographer Kvarnström, Kenneth
First Performance 16.3.1991
Place of First Performance House of Dance, Stockholm, Sweden
Finnish premiere 20.4.1994
Place of Premiere Finnish National Opera, Almi Hall
Style Contemporary Dance
Scenography Carouschka
Costume designer Kenneth Kvarnström
Lighting Designer Ellen Ruge
Performers of the premiere Arja Raatikainen, Ari Tenhula, Håkan Meyer, Kenneth Kvarnström
Other Information The work was part of a dance evening which consisted the works Duo and Blood Angel, both by Kenneth Kvarnström.
Companies Finnish National Ballet
Dancers Kvarnström, Kenneth (1991)
Mayer, Håkan (1991)
Raatikainen, Arja (1991)
Tenhula, Ari (1991)
Mäkelä, Ulla-Mari (1994)
Heikkilä, Henrikki (1994)
Sandell, Kimmo (1994)
Soini, Katri (1992)
Saikkonen, Sami (1994)