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Sore Point

Choreographer Railo, Tuomo
First Performance 27.7.2011
Place of First Performance Full Moon Dance Festival, Pyhäjärvi
Finnish premiere 27.7.2011
Place of Premiere Full Moon Dance Festival, Pyhäjärvi
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 38
Lighting Designer Pasi Pehkonen
Sound designer Tuomo Railo
Performers of the premiere Ville Oinonen, Sakari Saikkonen, Katri Soini
Description Sore Point is divided into six scenes that are given a new order in each performance. The scenes mix choreography and improvisation, playfulness and darker shades of life.

Physical challenges of the three dancers resemble a game with constantly changing rules. Dancers’ sore points are exposed in a riptide of embarrassing and joyous moods. The work makes the spectator contemplate his own motives and the collective desire to disgrace.
Companies Glims & Gloms Dance Company
Dancers Oinonen, Ville (2011)
Saikkonen, Sakari (2011)
Soini, Katri (2011)