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Choreographer Alakunnas, Kimmo
First Performance 21.2.2012
Place of First Performance Stoa the Cultural Center of Eastern Helsinki
Finnish premiere 21.2.2012
Place of Premiere Stoa the Cultural Center of Eastern Helsinki
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 40
Scenography Alisha Davidow
Costume designer Alisha Davidow
Lighting Designer Nanni Vapaavuori
Performers of the premiere Kimmo Alakunnas, Pälvi Salminen
Description The work examines a performer’s way of losing oneself in front of an audience and challenges him to break free of his habits and approaches in relation to dance and performance. The work is inspired by activities that irritate and produce fierce energy. The performance dives into the jungle of ingrained habits and invisible borders, and takes a look at the world through the eyes of a dancer. And this dancer is not silent!
Other Information The work was premiered as a part of the UrbanApa Festival
Dancers Alakunnas, Kimmo (2012)
Salminen, Pälvi (2012)