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DON’T WORRY BE HAPPY Trips to reality

Choreographer Iwaoka, Tashi
Meklin, Heli
Perra, Violetta
Raumanni, Maija Reeta
Torkkel, Anna
First Performance 3.9.2010
Place of First Performance Kulttuuritila Kutomo, Turku
Finnish premiere 3.9.2010
Place of Premiere Kulttuuritila Kutomo, Turku
Other Style new dance
Duration (min) 60
Scenography Työryhmä (Work group)
Costume designer Työryhmä (Work group)
Lighting Designer Työryhmä (Work group)
Sound designer Työryhmä (Work group)
Performers of the premiere Tashi Iwaoka, Heli Meklin, Violetta Perra, Maija Reeta Raumanni, Anna Torkkel
Other music 1234-kuoro/tenavatähdet, Lady Gaga: Alejandro, Steven Walters: Find Out What Remains, Stromae: Alors On Dance, Junior Kelly: Love So Nice
Description Ehkä-production´s 4th collective project is a six weeks long performative journey. During July-September 2010 the participating artists collect their living experience in the landscape of the Western and Southern Finland as their source for the performance that will take place in the later stage of their journey. During the project, various small scale Work in progress -performances are shown in gallery context, at Kutomo and in unexpected places.
The creative result - a reconstruction of the journey - will be both seen as a performance and installation at Kutomo in September 2010.
Other Information Videos: Work group and Youtube/Bashar: Finding your Highest Excitement, Youtube/Satumaa
Technical assistant: Jori Koskinen
Graphic design and photos: Hertta Kiiski
Production: Ehkä-production, Regional Dance Centre of Western Finland
Companies Ehkä-production
Dancers Iwaoka, Tashi
Meklin, Heli
Perra, Violetta
Torkkel, Anna
Raumanni, Maija Reeta