Tervetuloa Tanka - suomalaisen tanssin tietokantaan

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Choreographer Pietiläinen, Laura
First Performance 3.3.2010
Finnish premiere 3.3.2010
Style Contemporary Dance
Lighting Designer Anna Pöllänen
Other music Laulaja/singer: Niina Vicktoria Tamminiemi

Muusikko/musician: Eero Savela

Description "The Tuntu Collective consists of artists working in different fields, and has earlier carried out a piece in cooperation with the Cultural Service for the Visually Impaired. In this new piece, light plays a role, too. Dawnings is an invitation to a journey through different rooms, yards, corners and hallways, waking up a moment's felt consciousness."
(Zodiak - Center for New Dance)

Other Information Design and realization: Tuntu Collective

Tuntu Collective: Choreographer Laura Pietiläinen, dancer and performer Saara Töyrylä, poet Touko Kauppinen, vocal pedagogue and singer Niina Vicktoria Tamminiemi, musician and composer Eero Savela, space designer Maiju Murtola, ceramics artist Regina Koljonen, lighting technician Anna Pöllänen

Production: Zodiak - Center for New Dance and Tuntu Collective

Companies Zodiak - The Center for New Dance
Dancers Töyrylä, Saara (2010)