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Choreographer Kvarnström, Kenneth
First Performance 28.2.2009
Place of First Performance Finnish National Opera, Helsinki, Finland
Finnish premiere 28.2.2009
Place of Premiere Finnish National Opera, Helsinki
Style Classic Ballet
Scenography Kenneth Kvarnström
Costume designer Erika Turunen
Lighting Designer Kenneth Kvarnström, Olli-Pekka Koivunen
Other music William Lawes, Mika Vainio, Ludde Hagberg

Description Kenneth Kvarnström "is known for his physical and arduous choreographic work, combining a dynamic approach with a sensitive and sensual idiom" (Finnish National Opera).

Other Information The work was part of the triple bill called Lost Symphony. The two other choreographies were Uwe Scholz's Seventh Symphony and Christian Spuck's Le tableau perdu.

Companies Finnish National Ballet
Dancers Eerola, Jaakko (2009)
Haakana, Linda (2009)
Sariola, Anna (2009)
Länsivuori, Kare (2009)
Valkama, Jouka (2009)
Keinänen, Antti (2009)
Poutanen, Samuli (2009)
Valkama, Frans (2009)