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"Letter piece" Vol.Paris (kirje)

Choreographer Salmivaara, Inari
First Performance 28.11.2009
Place of First Performance Kutomo, Turku, Finland
Finnish premiere 28.11.2009
Place of Premiere Kutomo, Turku
Other Style New dance
Duration (min) 15
Scenography Työryhmä/ working group
Costume designer Työryhmä/ working group
Lighting Designer Työryhmä/ working group
Description The work descripes feelings assosiated with distance and absency. It is a first part of serie called This time, any place. Serie researches, collects and archieves deposits of hope in the world.

Other Information Videomaterial: Inari Salmivaara

Tecnical support: Tashi Iwaoka

Production: Ehkä-tuotanto, Inari Salmivaara

The work was prelimiered in XS Vol.1 -festival organized by Ehkä-tuotanto.

Dancers Torkkel, Anna (2009)
Salmivaara, Inari (2009)