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My name is Finger Radio

Choreographer Rydberg, Thomas
First Performance 6.2.2010
Place of First Performance Finnish National Opera, Helsinki, Finland
Finnish premiere 6.2.2010
Place of Premiere Finnish National Opera, Helsinki
Style Classic Ballet
Duration (min) 40
Scenography Jaakko Pesonen
Costume designer Jaakko Pesonen
Other music Kraftwerk, The Jacksons, J.S. Bach etc.

Description "Nimeni on Sormiradio (My name is Finger Radio) is a foyer ballet featuring the friendship of two very different characters seeking their place in the world. A robot named Finger Radio is lost in the Opera House, and a stiff but friendly maintenance man decides to help it. He is a resourceful man and can build the device they need in no time at all - and with his wonderful travelator the two head out towards new, strange worlds as they seek Finger Radio's home." (Finnish National Opera)

Other Information Dramaturgy: Jaakko Pesonen, Thomas Rydberg

Companies Finnish National Ballet
Dancers Erdinc, Özen (2010)
Olsson, Virve (2010)
Toivanen, Petri (2010)
Heiskanen, Simo (2010)