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In period of time


Choreographer Nukari, Heini
Mäkelä, Laura
First Performance 12.6.2009
Place of First Performance Tag der Musik, Berlin, Germany
Finnish premiere 28.11.2009
Place of Premiere LIIKETTÄ!-festival, Tampere
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 50
Other music Musiikki-instrumentit/ music instruments: Jörg Fahlenkamp

Description The work is inspired by shamanism and its relation to performing and creativity. Nukari and Mäkelä are interested in how shamanic techniques can be used in the creative process and how shamanism relates to music, movement and writing.

In their practical explorations they use the ecstatic trance technique by F. Goodman and N. Nauwald which uses ritual body postures found in cave paintings and sculptures in different cultures and eras. As most shamanistic practises, this technique uses rhythmic stimulation of the body, combined with the body posture, to produce a change in consciousness.

The key element in serpentime is a string-percussion instrument called "koomori" (bat in japanese) which is specially designed for the piece. The name "serpentime" refers to the mythic connotations around the serpent and the concept of cyclical time. The so called feathered serpent is seen as a powerful creator which connects the powers of earth and sky and tends to appear around the times of change. We are now in the process of closing the materialistic era and are about to enter a new era in which the presence and acknowledgement of parallel realities are taken as a natural phenomena.

Dancers Nukari, Heini (2009)
Mäkelä, Laura (2009)