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Blue Lady (Revisited)

Choreographer Carlson, Carolyn
First Performance 7.9.2008
Place of First Performance Biennale de la Danse de Lyon, France
Finnish premiere 13.6.2009
Place of Premiere Kuopio Dance Festival
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 70
Scenography Frédéric Robert
Costume designer Chrystel Zingiro
Lighting Designer Peter Vos
Other music René Aubry
Description Blue Lady (Revisited) is a reinterpretation of choreographer Carolyn Carlson's legendary solo. Tero Saarinen danced the work for the first time 25 years after the work's original premiere.

The work is poetic quest into a woman's life and mind. Carlson was especially inspired by the anxiety and suspicion she saw in the eyes of the mentally ill patients in a psychiatric hospital in Venice.

Carlson had the idea of switching the soloist's role to a male dancer. She was fascinated by Japanese culture and in particular the traditional theatre form of Kabuki. Her idea was inspired by the onnagata figures, the cross-dressed male actors who play woman's roles.

Other Information Archive material compilation: Baptiste Evrard

Archive materials: Claude le-Anh (valokuvat), André Labarthe (filmi), Charles Picq (filmi)

Creative Assistant: Henri Mayet

Other artistic and technical assistants: Larrio Ekson, Valentina Romito, Gilles Nicolas, Fifi, Robert Pereira, Alain Normand

Dancers Saarinen, Tero (2008)