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In period of time

After Yesterday

Choreographer Aaltokoski, Alpo
First Performance 7.10.2008
Place of First Performance Alexander Theatre, Helsinki
Finnish premiere 7.10.2008
Place of Premiere Alexander Theatre, Helsinki
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 24
Costume designer Anna Pérez
Lighting Designer Kalle Paasonen
Performers of the premiere Anna Palmio

Other music Morning Prayers
sävellys/composition: Giya Kancheli
esitys/presentation: Stuttgartin kamariorkesteri/ Stuttgart's chamber orchestra

Description The choreography is a dialogue between dance and music. Eilisen jälkeen is a journey to oneself, from past to present and towards future. It reminds us, that hope makes life worth living.

Other Information Make-up: Tuija Luukkainen
Hair: Tuire Hämäläinen

The piece is a part of Canelas dance trilogy of hope, faith and love.

Companies Canela
Dancers Palmio, Anna (2008)