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Rakennettu Mies

Choreographer Kekoni, Petri
First Performance 25.9.2008
Place of First Performance Kajaani
Finnish premiere 25.9.2008
Place of Premiere Kajaani
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 45
Costume designer Piki Paananen
Lighting Designer Niko Kurola
Performers of the premiere Outi Paananen, Rea-Liina Salkoaho, Sini Repo, Kirsi Saastamoinen, Pauliina Silvennoinen
Other music Anna-Kaisa Liedes
Description Rakennettu mies is a journey that five strong female dancers take in to the male body. The piece is baced on an antithesis.We can talk about male and female movement and how we are made from similar parts, but we will never be the same. Luckily. This piece reflects the ancient myths of being man and woman. The antithesis and simultaneous creates a bace for the choreography.
Companies Routa Company
Dancers Paananen, Outi (2008)
Salkoaho, Rea-Liina (2008)
Repo, Sini (2008)
Törmi, Kirsi (2008)
Silvennoinen, Pauliina (2008)