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Tell Me Something

Choreographer Tuomisto, Satu
First Performance 18.1.2008
Place of First Performance Theatre 140, Brussels
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 18
Costume designer työryhmä (artistic team)
Sound designer Roger d'Olivere Mapp
Music composed for the work Roger d'Olivere Mapp
Description A contemporary dance solo with red onions and giraffes.
She has a big balloon floating above her, tied in her waist, as she says: "He said tell me something about you. Something meaningful. So that I can get to know you. I said, I like balloons. I like giraffes. They both have their head up in the air. If a balloon would have a head, that is."
A humorous solo of an extraordinary woman and her surprising life story. Without asking she grabs you with her for a voyage skipping from genuine sincerity to total madness. Beautifully honest movement links in organically with the soft voice, until it all cracks up.
Other Information Production: Finnish Cultural Institute for Benelux, producer: Johanna Rajamäki, costumes: IVANA Helsinki.
Dancers Elovaara, Satu (2008)