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Viita (Sirén)

Choreographer Sirén, Ervi
First Performance 18.9.2008
Place of First Performance Zodiak - Center for New Dance, Cable Factory, Helsinki
Finnish premiere 18.9.2008
Place of Premiere Zodiak - Center for New Dance, Cable Factory, Helsinki
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 50
Scenography Cris af Enehielm
Costume designer Cris af Enehielm
Lighting Designer Tarja Ervasti
Sound designer Aake Otsala
Performers of the premiere Jonna Eiskonen, Anne Hiekkaranta, Vera Nevanlinna, Tuovi Rantanen, Katri Soini, Terhi Vaimala, Liisa Ylä-Outinen

Description "The word 'viita' brings to my mind femininity, a woman's connection to nature and the ability to renew oneself over and over again. Viita can be something wild, unexpected, gentleness, mystery, silence, joy, laughter and freedom. Viita can also be the inner shaman that we all have inside of us. In this work, I am attracted by these different women and the power that makes them who they are." Ervi Sirén

Dancers Eiskonen, Jonna (2008)
Hiekkaranta, Anne (2008)
Nevanlinna, Vera (2008)
Rantanen, Tuovi (2008)
Soini, Katri (2008)
Vaimala, Terhi (2008)
Ylä-Outinen, Liisa (2008)