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Hybrid Dislocation

Choreographer Paasonen, Tomi
First Performance 18.9.2008
Place of First Performance Arhouse Tacheles, Berlin
Finnish premiere 2008
Scenography Matthew De Gumbia
Costume designer Sasa Sadak-Kovacevic
Lighting Designer Milos Vujkovic
Sound designer Mike Koloska/inc3.net
Music composed for the work Mike Koloska/inc3.net
Description "When we mix all the colours together, we either get motley or beige. When we cross a horse with a donkey, we create a mule. Through the method of cross-pollination, we want to create hybrid concoctions out of different cultures, geological and genetic biographies, urban and natural landscapes. What happens when one mixes folklore with contemporary dance methods? What "misfits" and "intelligent designs" ensue if african dance is cross pollinated with mazurka or polonaise, or tango with voodoo, calypso and Caribbean dance traditions? What are the effects on cultural identities on a globalized world population, which is increasingly on the move and influenced by one another?

Four dancers from different parts of the world: Challenge Gumbodete - Harare (Zimbabwe)
Justin Kennedy - St. Croix (Virgin Islands)
Simo Kellokumpu from Kemijärvi (Lappland) and Marcin Baczyk - Siedlce (Poland)

They all were sent to their native cities with a camera to film people, traffic, landscapes and movement patterns in public spaces, in order to prepare for the process for a stage production. Their specific cultural backgrounds are then deconstructed and cross-pollinated into siamese hybrid expressions, interlaced by movement language from public spaces. The native video materials will be mixed with footage created in Berlin during the rehearsal process, in order to produce a dance film, which is presented during the performances as an interactive video installation after each performance at Tacheles Goldener Saal." (source: www.paasonen.com)
Other Information Direction, concept and choreography: Tomi Paasonen, video installation: Matthew De Gumba, video: Felipe Frozza.
Dancers Gumbodete, Challenge (2008)
Kennedy, Justin (2008)
Baczyk, Marcin (2008)
Kellokumpu, Simo (2008)