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While Riding the Path I Looked Up; a Bird

Choreographer Innanen, Riikka Theresa
First Performance 14.5.2008
Place of First Performance Zodiak - Center for New Dance, Cable Factory, Helsinki
Finnish premiere 14.5.2008
Place of Premiere Zodiak - Center for New Dance, Cable Factory, Helsinki
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 60
Lighting Designer Joakim Niinivirta
Performers of the premiere Riikka Theresa Innanen, Anna Jussilainen, Soile Lahdenperä, Tuomas Laitinen, Heli Meklin, Miika Hyytiäinen (musician).
Music composed for the work Miika Hyytiäinen
Description "Riikka Theresa Innanen and her team invite the audience to become part of While Riding the Path..., without being interactive in a traditional sense. The work takes the audience on a journey into dreams, perceptions, poetry and prose.
'I hope the work awakens the spectators' senses, to smell, taste, see and feel. The aim is not to overstimulate, but rather to heighten the senses. The performance can happen in the audience members themselves.'
The working group has worked with the process and with somatic body methods for the last year and a half. "
(Source: programme)
Other Information Text: Essi Hendrikson.
The work was premiered as a part of the z-in-motion festival.
Production: Riikka Theresa Innanen, Zodiak - Center for New Dance
Companies Zodiak - The Center for New Dance
Dancers Innanen, Riikka Theresa (2008)
Jussilainen, Anna (2008)
Lahdenperä, Soile (2008)
Laitinen, Tuomas (2008)
Meklin, Heli (2008)
Hyytiäinen, Miika (2009)