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Growings II

Choreographer Kauppinen, Ilona
First Performance 14.12.2002
Place of First Performance Turbiini Hall, Cable Factory, Helsinki
Finnish premiere 14.12.2002
Place of Premiere Turbiini Hall, Cable Factory, Helsinki
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 15
Scenography Ilona Kauppinen-Hukkanen
Costume designer Anja Beyer
Lighting Designer Matti Jykylä
Other music Rinneradio, Christopher Benstead
Other Information The work was premiered as a part of a triple-bill called Sum of Desires, which consisted of the works Growings II, This Red Patch on the Carpet and The Game.
Dancers Elovaara, Satu (2002)
Kauppinen, Ilona (2002)