Tervetuloa Tanka - suomalaisen tanssin tietokantaan

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In period of time
Photo: Stefan Bremer

...and the angels began to scream.

Choreographer Kvarnström, Kenneth
First Performance 6.3.1995
Place of First Performance House of Danse, Stockholm
Style Contemporary Dance
Scenography Carouschka
Lighting Designer Jens Sethzman
Other Information This work had it's revival premiere in the Helsinki City Theatre the 18th of January, 1997. It was then danced by Mattias Ekholm, Kai Lähdesmäki and Unto Nuora from the Helsinki City Theatre Dance Company. The work is also in the repertory of Norwegian group Carte Blanche.
Companies K. Kvarnström & Co.
Dancers Backlund, Mika (1995)
Lähdesmäki, Kai (1995)
Mayer, Håkan (1995)
Ekholm, Mattias (1997)
Nuora, Unto (1997)