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picture335.jpg Lassi Sairela (Prince)
Photo: Matti Kivekäs

The Wooden Prince

Choreographer Soini, Eeva
Sairela, Lassi
First Performance 15.9.2005
Place of First Performance Turku Concert Hall
Finnish premiere 15.9.2005
Place of Premiere Turku Concert Hall
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 45
Scenography Carmela Wager
Costume designer Carmela Wager
Lighting Designer Jyri Suominen
Description Béla Bartók's ballet pantomime The Wooden Prince is based on a script by Béla Balazs. The collaborative work of Dance Theatre ERI and Turku Philharmonic Orchestra is a very traditional fairytale. It is clear, consistent and involves a moral. A princess, who is fixed on her crown, falls in love with a wooden prince instead of a real one and a sorcerer has to steer the occurrences with all the power imanginable to find the truth. Only after the young have given up their throne, they are free to love each other. Time for kindness and gentleness, tolerance and mental values can be now. Therefore the tale of The Wooden Prince and the return to the pure spring of untainted emotion. (Text: Lassi Sairela and Eeva Soini)
Other Information Musicians: Turku Philharmonic Orchestra, conductor: Tibor Bogányi, cello: Tuomas Ylinen. Photomaterial Mari Niskanen.
Companies Dance Theatre ERI
Dancers Lindfors, Tiina: Sorcerer
Zilberman, Aleksander: Forest, Sea
Soini, Eeva: Princess
Sairela, Lassi: Prince
Ostanin, Oleg: Wooden Prince, Forest, Sea