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Long Lost Friend

Choreographer Tuomisto, Satu
First Performance 6.2.2002
Place of First Performance Robin Howard Dance Theatre, The Place, London
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 20
Description "An endearing view of the banalities of “best” friendship gone awry, using a well-framed film with dialogue to tell its story. Two live performers watched themselves on screen tooling around London, chatting in cafés, and dancing in a park. Four chairs were arranged according to phases of their relationship: first they sat side by side; then two chairs at opposite corners: one fidgets, the other sits silently as the overheard bickering reveals she’s dumped her friend. Finally they return to original chairs, facing each other as the lights fade, reconciled." (Review by Colleen Bartley)

"Long Lost Friend explored friendship, growing up, growing apart, and shifting relationships. The two dancers are also the two main characters in the well-produced fast moving film, which runs for the length of the performance. The work played with time: playful reminiscing, forgetting, and tentative reconciliation. The live performances had a touching natural feel, although in the film the performers seemed much more affected by the presence of the camera than they did on stage by the audience. The layers of film, text and movement were effectively and skilfully combined to produce a coherent and interesting work, enhanced by simple but effective lighting. However, the piece was at times too reliant on the film; what live movement existed was effective, but further development might have created a much stronger and more exciting overall performance." (Review by Vicki Costello)
Companies Out of the Blue Dance Company
Dancers Gee, Alison (2002)
Faitfull, Jade (2002)