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La Máscara

Choreographer Lundén, Katja
First Performance 18.2.2005
Place of First Performance Savoy-theatre, Helsinki
Finnish premiere 18.2.2005
Place of Premiere Savoy-theatre, Helsinki
Other Style Muu tyylilaji
Duration (min) 50
Costume designer Ritva Rautavaara/Flamenco Shop
Lighting Designer Helena Roivainen
Sound designer Ilari Suonpää
Performers of the premiere Emilia Aho, Aura Ettala, Milla Härmä, Maija Kansanaho, Anu Keinovaara, Laura Lahe, Sanna Lehtinen, Katja Lundén, Elina Nissinen, Sanna Ollila, Anne Riikola
Description La Máscara is about the inner need to hide behind the masque. Masque is a mechanism to be and to feel safe; it is a way to protect oneself from the world around us. It is also an important tool for cheating and selfbetrayal, and many people need it also in their private lives. Work includes also a textual level (Leino, Camus, Vysotski). It rises a question of taking of the masque: do we have that possibility, and what happens afterwards? It gives no simple answers, but touches deeply the question of being.
Other Information Storytellers: Anja Loikala and Petteri Savolainen; texts: Albert Camus, Diego Carrasco, Rafael Fernandez, Eino Leino, Katja Lundén, Vladimir Vysotski; make-up: Kaarina Kokkonen; assistents of the make-up: Ansu Järveläinen, Emma Krohn, Laura Naumanen/aRTO; making of the masques: Adultas Radio- and TV school aRTO:s students; design of the masques: Kaarina Kokkonen; photographs: Mervi Neste; graphic design: Riikka Tuomarla.
Dancers Aho, Emilia (2005)
Lundén, Katja (2005)
Riikola, Anne (2005)
Lehtinen, Sanna (2005)
Nissinen, Elina (2005)
Lahe, Laura (2005)
Kansanaho, Maija (2005)
Ettala, Aura (2005)
Härmä, Milla (2005)
Keinovaara, Anu (2005)
Ollila, Sanna (2005)