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Snow White (Kirjonen)

Choreographer Kirjonen, Juha
First Performance 30.5.2003
Place of First Performance The Finnish National Opera, Almi Hall
Finnish premiere 30.5.2003
Place of Premiere The Finnish National Opera, Almi Hall
Style Classic Ballet
Duration (min) 10
Scenography Juha Kirjonen, Risto Hytönen
Costume designer Juha Kirjonen
Lighting Designer Juha Kirjonen, Olli-Pekka Koivunen, Heikki Riihijärvi
Sound designer Juha Kirjonen
Music composed for the work Juha Kirjonen
Description Good and evil are given a new interpretation using classical ballet. The music created for Snow White by Juha Kirjonen provides a beautiful background to a brief series of events. The girl must go out into the world, forced by the envy of someone and the threat of death. Soon, however, the girl realises that she can flourish with the support of her prince, nature in the woods and her old friend, the forest warden. Finally, the evil queen/witch feels once again that she is the most beautiful woman in the world.
Other Information The work was premiered as a part of the Ballet Workshop evening, which consisted of the works peek-a-boo, Peikko_0.65beta, Apina, Play, sama sama but different, Segrex and Snow white.
Companies Finnish National Ballet
Dancers Niininen, Jarkko: Forest guard (2003)
Poutanen, Samuli: Prince, Möhkö (2003)
Puupponen, Jaana: Queen (2003)
Viheriäranta, Anu: Snow white (2003)