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picture290.jpg In the picture: Jenni Nikolajeff
Photo: Riikka Sundqvist
picture291.jpg In the picture: Jenni Nikolajeff
Photo: Riikka Sundqvist


Choreographer Tiili, Arja
First Performance 10.4.2003
Place of First Performance Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth, Helsinki
Finnish premiere 10.4.2003
Place of Premiere Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth, Helsinki
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 20
Scenography Arja Tiili
Costume designer Arja Tiili, Jenni Laitinen
Lighting Designer Juha Westman
Sound designer Arja Tiili, Kari Tossavainen
Other Information Concept: Arja Tiili, editing of the video stills: Juha Westman, Arja Tiili; photos ja graphic design: Riikka Sundqvist.
X-Ray is a solo work commissioned from the choreographer Arja Tiili by the dancer Jenni Laitinen. The work was premiered as a part of an Indie Evening, which consisted of the works X-Ray, Kaarreajoa, We Are in a Tough Situation, Rajaloukkauksia and Streetdance.
Dancers Nikolajeff, Jenni (2003)