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Topi and the Magic Feather

Choreographer McAlester, Katarina
First Performance 25.7.1998
Finnish premiere 25.7.1998
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 45
Scenography Kirsi Manninen
Costume designer Kirsi Manninen
Lighting Designer Riku Virtanen
Sound designer Jari Kauppinen
Description Topi's summer holiday has begun, but all of his friends have left the city for the countryside. However, dullness comes to an end when 2058-year-old Edward the angel falls from the sky to Topi's backyard. With the help of a magic feather Topi and Edward are able to do amazing, magic tricks.
Companies Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth
Dancers Risu, Liisa (1998)
Hiltunen, Sami: Edward Magicfeather, Ripa-garbage (1998)
Rantanen, Tuovi (1998)