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Barker-theatre (Pikinini Meri)

Contact person Choreographer Nina Renvall
Address Virusmäentie 65FI-20300 Turku
Telephone +358 (0)2 2383 903
Fax +358 (0)2 2383 903
WWW pages http://www.pikininimeri.fi
Email barker@pikininimeri.fi
Year founded 1996
Funding Freelance dance company
Style Contemporary Dance
Production based ensemble Yes
Description Pikinini Meri was founded in 1996 to act as an association for freelance dance artists.
The aim was to create working possibilities for independent dance artists. In 1997 Pikinini Meri became registered association and in the same spring the association opened Barker-theatre for practising and performing stage for dance pieces. Barker-theatre is located in Raunistula area, Turku. The founding members of Pikinini Meri Association and Barker-theatre were dancer/choreographers Tea Kauppila, Marjan Raar and Nina Renvall.
Also photographer Reino Koivula, visual artist Ann Sundholm, actor Bror Österlund, theatre secretaries Sirpa Sutinen and Sanni Rannikko among other active members and non-members have contributed the association and the theatre for their part.
Performances Magnificient Pair on a Plain (27.1.2006)
Home - extended (5.2.2016)
Dark Hare (11.3.2016)
Hertzsprung (8.7.2016)
The Olympic Shames (8.10.2016)
Spheres (26.10.2016)
Koska ei ole ketään (19.11.2016)
Full Frontal (11.1.2019)
Raw - a kind of farytale (11.1.2019)
Sielunmessu pölynimurille (26.4.2019)
Huone nimeltä Samsa (17.5.2019)
Chasing Butterflies in Unequal Time (3.10.2019)
KÅNKEN phase 3 # Coincidences (14.10.2019)