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Jattanssi Dance Company

Artistic director Jattamarie Rauhaluoto
Contact person Jattamarie Rauhaluoto
Address Jattanssi STUDIO, Rauhankatu 1, Turku
Telephone +358 (0)40 5961585
WWW pages http://www.jattanssi.org
Email jatta@jattanssi.org
Year founded 2000
Funding Freelance dance company
Style Contemporary Dance
Production based ensemble Yes
Description Jattanssi Dance Company was founded in 2000 in Turku, Finland. Jattanssi Dance Company’s repertoire includes e.g. solo dance performances, multi-artistic productions and dance stories for children. Contemporary dance is often combined with West-African dance movements and video projections in the performances, which often take place outside the conventional stages. Dance productions have been presented at international festivals such as Monaco Dance Forum, Il Coreografo Elettronico (Italy), International Festival of Modern Choreography (Belarussia) and Festival of Contemporary Art (Turkey).
Performances akpe kaka, eizande! (13.12.2002)
Lariam (9.1.2003)
Play - Dance vs. Games (Rauhaluoto) (15.1.2004)
Miljan kesä (30.7.2004)
Play - level 0 (Rauhaluoto) (19.8.2004)
Welhot (22.8.2004)
Pyöräilevä Hirvi (31.10.2004)
Karhu! Rädsla! Fear! (12.11.2004)
Ilo (8.9.2005)
Silent Whispers (8.9.2005)
Fest. (7.11.2005)