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Artistic director Anna Veijalainen
Address Unioninkatu 45 FIN-00170 Helsinki
Telephone Tel. +358 (0)50 3219 919, +358 (0)45 6707 080
WWW pages http://www.kokoteatteri.fi
Email toimisto@kokoteatteri.fi, mikko.orpana@kokoteatteri.fi
Year founded 1997
Funding Freelance dance company
Style Contemporary Dance
Artistic staff (number of) 1
Managerial staff (number of) 1
Production based ensemble Yes
Description KokoTheatre was founded in 1997 and its repertoire has always included both dance and theatre. In 2000 it acquired its own premises and stage in Unioninkatu in Helsinki’s city centre. Around 80 artists work within KokoTheatre annually under the charge of its artistic director, Anna Veijalainen. Apart from its own dance and theatre programme, the theatre also hosts visiting performances, and it has produced over 50 premieres to date. KokoTheatre Dance Company is an independent group which functions in connection with the theatre and is directed by dancer-choreographer Mikko Orpana.
Other Information KokoTheatres permanent dance group, which will consist of seven dancers, starts to operate in the spring 2001.
Engagements Veijalainen, Anna: artistic director, actor (1997 - )
Veijalainen, Anna: artistic director, actor (1997 - )
Veijalainen, Anna: artistic director, actor (1997 - )
Veijalainen, Anna: dancer (2000 - )
Veijalainen, Anna: dancer (2000 - )
Veijalainen, Anna: dancer (2000 - )
Performances 15 hetkeä H:sta
Kuningatarta ei ole
Workman (8.4.2000)
Mini Super Baabel (27.10.2000)
Secundum (27.10.2000)
Odonata, related to dragonflies (25.7.2001)
The Big Shit (2002)
Klein (24.10.2002)
The Laugh of the Medusa (31.10.2003)
The Statesman II (31.10.2003)
Hotelli Unohdus (8.12.2006)
Second Hand Shop (8.12.2006)
Pikkurikolliset (16.2.2007)
Kumman kalan paloja (8.12.2007)
Visible Volumes (16.1.2009)