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Dance Theatre Dis Tanz

Contact person Anna Othman
Address c/o Sotkakuja 1 B, FI-01450 Vantaa
Telephone Tel. +358 (0)45 1350 545
WWW pages http://www.dis-tanz.com
Email info(at)dis-tanz.com
Year founded 1995
Funding Freelance dance company
Style Contemporary Dance
Artistic staff (number of) 1
Production based ensemble Yes
Description Dance Theatre Dis Tanz, founded by Tytti Kronqvist (artistic director, choreographer and dancer) and Suvi Pohjonen (choreographer and dancer) in 1995, is a professional dance theatre focused on contemporary dance. By combining high skilled dance with different forms of art and bringing dance experiences out of the theatre halls, Dis Tanz is willing and able to present a repertoire of variety to a wide audience from children to the elderly. The flexibility of our theatre and portability of the productions enables us to meet our audience on a large variety of stages. The members of Dance Theatre Dis Tanz are Tytti Kronqvist, Suvi Pohjonen and, as of 2009, Anna Othman.
Engagements Kronqvist, Tytti: producer, choreographer, dancer (1995 - )
Performances Kaalimato kaalissa (1994)
Nukkekoti (1994)
Mamma Mia! (1995)
Pensselit santaan (1995)
Scappati (1995)
Unohdettu Morsian (17.6.1995)
Historiallisia tansseja (1996)
Roskis (1996) (1996)
Echo (25.10.1997)
Mustaa Valkoisella/Svart på Vitt (5.10.1998)
Nucleus (25.9.1999)
Mythologia F. (11.4.2002)
Roskis (2003) (30.3.2003)
Taikapolku (22.8.2004)
Pepita (23.4.2005)
Tanssia kuvista - kuvia tanssista (29.5.2005)